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Tour Film

Amidst working on a plethora of new projects, I’ve been remiss in scanning some film rolls and polaroids taken over the course of The Daylights’ “No Reverse Tour” with Andy Davis last November and a couple of one-off shows in the SoCal area. Below are a few snapshots from various stops along the way including snowball fights, venomous snakes, tall tale telling new friends, tricked out 1950’s mobile homes, and…


Daylights No Reverse Tour – Chicago

Ever get hold of that last bastion of reserve energy your body has somehow been hiding away despite almost 3 days of little to no sleep and it feels like you’re cruising around in some kind of harness being held up just enough so that your feet still touch the ground? That’s me right about now. Rocking out in the van to Temper Trap while barely being able to keep…


The Daylights & Andy Davis – 2011 No Reverse Tour

Wow… so it’s closing in on November already. 2011 is going by in a blaze… just like every other year. The older I get, the more I realize how quickly the time flies. It’s like the week of summer camp on a grand scale: Monday would always seem to take FOR-EH-VAH and you’d be digging every moment. Then the next morning you’d wake up and have to pack up because…