You’re Gonna Be Alright

Though it's admittedly short notice amidst so much going on in life at the moment, I'm so very excited to announce the release of a project I've had in the oven for some time that has finally arrived!

Today marks the official release of my new album entitled "You're Gonna Be Alright" which is now available at most major outlets including Spotify and Apple Music.

I can't possibly thank enough the people who contributed their talents to the project. First and foremost to Ran Jackson for leading the charge and exploration along with fellow brothers Ricky Jackson and Svend Lerche of The Daylights. I am indebted as well to Brent Kutzle from OneRepublic for such magnificent cello arrangements and the preacher on the keys himself, Dave Yaden. Also many thanks to Kimberly Harmon for helping craft one of my favorite songs, Dixie Dixon for helping make the cover vision come to life, and Shane Wilson for bringing everything together.

Though some of these songs have worn the years with roots all the way back to my days in Texas, the moments alluded to in these lyrics and melodies hopefully will continue to ring with an air of truth to them, some more applicably to prior seasons in life and some to the existence I find myself right in the thick of each morning.
Though it may even sound perfunctory in the busyness of the day, I (at the very least) still need reminders that no matter the challenges, no matter the cost, we can continue to hold faith that all is indeed ultimately resolved and that you are, indeed, gonna be alright.
With all that in mind, please feel free to share as you wish and beyond that, please simply enjoy this small, humble group of tunes. It has been a labor of love and a great joy to bring them to you.