Satellite’s “Brooklyn” in Studio Live Video on CMT

I've been wanting to have the chance to show this since we shot it last year. My friends in Satellite are currently running full court press in promo for their upcoming "Calling Birds" album coming in March.

Last August we jumped into a studio in North Hollywood to live-take a group of songs with five cameras rolling and the booth recording. It was a bit of a run-and-gun affair, but it's taken up the better part of January for me to edit and grade all of the footage. I'm very excited to finally have the chance to share.

"Brooklyn" is currently featured on and probably will continue to gather steam elsewhere too as the album release gets closer. I had the privilege of also shooting the stills for the band's promo and LP artwork as well so, needless to say, I'm pretty on board with their whole project.


Nashville's Satellite Puts Americana in Its Orbit


If you haven't heard yet, please definitely take a listen! I expect great things to come for these guys.

Thanks also to Heather Holty-Newton and Jake Newton for their efforts in shooting and producing everything with me.