Tour Film

Amidst working on a plethora of new projects, I've been remiss in scanning some film rolls and polaroids taken over the course of The Daylights' "No Reverse Tour" with Andy Davis last November and a couple of one-off shows in the SoCal area. Below are a few snapshots from various stops along the way including snowball fights, venomous snakes, tall tale telling new friends, tricked out 1950's mobile homes, and more...

Also be sure to check out the boys' new Kickstarter campaign currently in effect supporting their next album project. It's a can't miss!


As mentioned at the top, the guys are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign to launch a new record project. I've heard the early seeds of some of the songs to come and can say with confidence that it will be GREAT. Check the promo video out below and visit the project page here for more info.